Bail Bond Sacramento County

Bail Bond Sacramento County

Bail Bond Sacramento County

Bail Bond Sacramento County

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Since 2003, we have helped Sacramento families get their loved ones and friends released from jail, quickly and affordably.


Don't pay more than you have to. Call us FIRST!

  • Discount Rates: Military, AARP, Unions, More
  • 0 Interest Financing (On Approved Credit)
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Zero Down Payment Plans

We make posting a Bail Bond easy!

  • Post Bail over the phone
  • Our Offices are just one block from the jail!
  • We can post Bail at ALL N. CA jails
  • Our Bail agents are available 24/7

Our goal is to make your experience the best it can be

  • Our services are completely confidential
  • We are non-judgemental in our approach
  • Courteous, friendly, experienced agents
  • FAST release from custody!
What We Do...

When someone is arrested and taken into custody, that doesn't mean he or she is guilty and it doesn't mean they have lost their constitutional rights. The right to be released from jail is written into the California legal code. Once someone has been charged, those charges will determine the amount of bail required for him or her to be released.

When bail amount has been set you can get your friend or relative out of jail by depositing that amount of cash with the court. If the bail is $300 or $400, most people have that much money in their bank account so it's easy to get someone out of jail. Unfortunately, even for relatively "minor" offences, the bail could be set at $10,000, $50,000 or even more. Few people keep that kind of cash in reserve.

Bail Bonds agencies are essentially in the business of loaning people the money needed to get their friend or relative released on bail. Getting a loan from a bank can take days or even weeks and unlike banks, we are open 24/7. And the person who has been arrested will be sitting in jail all that time. A Bail Bond agency is in the business of providing the money for bail in the fastest and most efficient way possible!


When you call, we move FAST! In many cases bail can be arranged over the phone. In other situations, a short visit to our offices will take care of the paper-work and one of our agents will be on the way to post bail at the County Jail which is within walking distance of our office.

The Sacramento County Jail is open 24 hours everyday and just one block away from us. We have been posting Bail Bonds at the Sacramento County Jail since 2005. We know how to get the necessary forms filled out quickly and efficiently and have deep experience dealing with the jail staff.

We do more than just post Bail Bonds at the Sacramento County jail, we make Bail affordable! We have discounts available for members of the Military (active and retired), members of recognized Labor Unions, AARP members and clients who have already hired a lawyer before seeing us.

If you know someone who is being held in the Sacramento County Jail, CALL US TODAY! THEY COULD BE HOME TONIGHT!

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